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Our Story

Carlos and I met each other in Guatemala in 2011. Carlos has been a missionary there for 5 years and  I had just been called to the mission field (specifically called to Guatemala). I had no idea what I was getting into going to Guatemala. The thing I did know was that God had been very clear with me and so I obediently followed. I was working in a trash dump in the city, helping to get a school established for the people who live in the dump. Carlos was a missionary with YWAM, and was working as a missions coordinator at a church when we met. He also had a ministry to the homeless people who lived in a dump.

I immediately was attracted to his character, his love for others, and how much he reminded me of Jesus. 

We were on a project together building a house for a very poor family when I first realized something different, something very unique, about Carlos. During the week of building, I had spent the majority of my time talking to the grandmother of the house. This was an extremely poor family who did not even have shelter. The grandmother was so excited that her daughter who was in the hospital with heart problems would finally have a place to sleep. I grew so close to this family in a short week. The day we went to "hand over the keys" to the family, the grandmother came running out to me in tears saying that her daughter had died. My heart was broken. I stayed in the car alone while the team went to visit another family we ministered to in that area. all of the sudden, Carlos came walking back to the van. Although at that time we were both shaky in the others' native language, Carlos came to talk and pray for me. While he was praying in Spanish (despite that fact that I didn't understand most of the prayer), I felt something indescribable in my spirit.... Now as I look back to that moment, I see how God was 'giving me a hint'. 

A few months later, Carlos and I both separately got the call to move to YWAM Costa Rica. I was completely shocked that God was making our paths so parallel. Carlos had plans to do the YWAM School of Worship the previous year but it had been canceled, moving his date up a year later... the exact same time when I was scheduled to do my DTS in YWAM Costa Rica. 

We followed God there. And once again, it was beautiful to see God's plan unfold. 

As we began praying about marriage, I had a LOT of questions for God. Making a commitment to marry a missionary meant that this was the real deal. We had both been so confident, and confirmed repetitively, of our call to missions individually. But, what would a missionary family look like? 

My thoughts went wild as I spent time in prayer. I finally broke down one day while expressing my fears about finances as a missionary family to the Lord. I cried to God that I believed the promises in the bible were true...but that I was so desperate for a personal covenant with Him... a "Sidney & God" covenant. I kept using the word covenant....desperate for a promise from God. As soon as I left the prayer room that day, I got a message from a friend. She felt that God asked her to give us an engagement ring. I burst into tears. God was making a covenant with me... it was so evident that it was Him. He was promising to be with us in this, that it would always be the 3 of us, that he would provide. 

This was such a clear confirmation for me. I had asked God specifically to provide a ring as a sign... I felt like He had led me to ask that. However, God wasn't finished proving himself in our relationship. We wanted to be "sure that we were sure" that we had heard from God and seen His confirmations. 

Someone said to me, "it would have been so much better if the ring had been given to Carlos without you knowing." I tried to ignore that comment, but it began to bother me. It became a huge mental dilemma for me. 

I tried to forget that comment, but couldn't. 

However, a few months later, Carlos asked me to go out to dinner with him. He took me out to a beautiful restaurant. After we ate, he asked me to go outside. He began telling me how he believed that God wanted me to have exactly what I wanted... and how God had been speaking to him about how precious our relationship was. He told me how God had been so faithful to us, and had confirmed so many things to Carlos. (I assumed he was talking about the ring... but I knew that the ring was stuck in GA. We were having the hardest time getting it to Costa Rica). Carlos said the sweetest things about our relationship, the 3 of us. And then, he proposed. I was so surprised, I had NO idea. I had NO idea whatsoever that God had provided a second ring TO CARLOS for our engagement. It was a precious proposal.

God has been so great to us. He has truly placed a wonderful but challenging call on our lives as missionaries, but He has been so clear that He is in this with us.

I am so excited to see God's plan unfold in our lives!

A few little details
Carlos is from El Salvador and spent 5 years serving as a missionary before we met. He is a fabulous musician and worship leader who really enjoys helping others find the wonderful presence of God through worship. Carlos has led and served in ministries that reach the homeless, prostitutes, orphans, malnourished children, drug addicts, and others; His heart is for "the least of these". 

Sidney (I) am from Gainesville, GA. I was a special education teacher when God called me onto the mission field. I first served in the trash dump of Guatemala City and later followed God to Costa Rica. I have a lot of energy that I love to use helping others find an intimate relationship with God. 

Combined, we have served the Lord in 15 different countries! 

We hope to get married soon! Please pray for us as we go through the VISA process! 

Us in Guatemala at a ministry coffee shop when we met in 2011.

Us in Guatemala one year later!

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  1. Thank you for your story. I was wondering how it all came about. It's so sweet and God filled and led. Look forward to hearing your presentation here in GA!