Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sing along

I'm home in GA for a few weeks visiting family and raising support for the ministry!

Carlos was left alone as the only leader of Freedom Street for a few weeks! Please keep him in your prayers as he balances the MANY, MANY things that God is doing in and through Freedom Street!

I have loved reconnecting with old friends...and can not get over how gorgeous Georgia is. Wow. I have no words other than God is beautiful...and He surprises me every day.

As I sit here, I can almost understand how easy it is to be in this beautiful country of ours and never want to leave. It's easy to forget about the dying world on the outside.

But today I heard a song that totally touched my heart. It's written by Christy Nockels.... she wrote it after hearing about human trafficking... the thing is, it's asking God to spread His arms around the world which is a cry of my heart as well. However, I believe that God calls us to join with Him in that. To spread our arms around the broken world; to answer His command to go into the world and to bring  hope to the prisoners and free the oppressed. To go into the nations and make God known through our works.

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