Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Herrera 3 in Costa Rica!

We are so happy to add one more Herrera to the YWAM San Jose missionary community! No, we are not having a baby! Carlos's younger brother, Moises, is here with us for 5 months doing the Discipleship Training School!!!!

We are so excited about what the Lord will do in his life in these 5 months! The Discipleship Training School (DTS) changed my life as well as Carlos's when he did it 5 years ago. Carlos describes his DTS as his "honeymoon with Jesus". I don't think I could even begin to describe mine..... dedicating 5 months of your life to SEARCH for God, 3 months in a classroom and 2 months on 'outreach'.... it's indescribable. I encountered God in a way I had never before, He touched my hear like never before- lies were broken about myself and about my image of who God was- and I feel madly in love with the Lord..... God used that time to SPEAK crazy prophecies over my life that melted my heart and that I still have a hard time accepting.... this is the time when God confirmed both mine and Carlos's calling OVER, and OVER, and OVER again- calling us to missions and "to the nations". This is a 5 months of heart transformation- where believers are transformed into disciples. What a beautiful thing! We are so excited to walk this journey with our 'little' Herrera (even though he's tall), Moises. He has such a beautiful spirit and a HUGE heart!

I of course am loving running around telling everyone that there are now 3 Herrera missionaries at the base- (of course I want to remind everyone that I have a latino last name)! We are loving having him over for Sunday night "family dinners"- tonight we even made the El Salvadorian notorious food: pupusas! We can't wait to take Moises to the streets with us, and share our ministry with him! The girls from our ministry came to the YWAM base last week and just had a fit over how cute Moises was! They all love him already! What a POWERFUL thing- for these women and girls to see an example of a Godly, latino man! We are loving watching Moises grown in the Lord and excited for how he is going to impact nations making known the God that he is daily getting to know more intimately!

Pictures at the airport when we picked Moises up!

The 3 Herrera's in Costa Rica! 

First photo, right of the plane!!! Of course, I was like the mom with the camera and the welcome sign! How embarrassing for the guys! 

My brother-in-law!!!!! How fun!!! 

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