Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Who is God for you?

The past few days have already been amazing here with YWAM San Jose. 
I have already learned so much about God, about his calling for me, about human trafficking, about missions.... wow! The group I am with is wonderful... we do have to take some freezing showers, laugh at ourselves as we attempt to communicate about difficult subjects in a foreign language, learn to live in community, eat beans.... AGAIN.... and AGAIN... (after standing in line for 20 minutes to get these beans) haha.... after only 4 days together, we already have some hilarious stories!  
I am living in a little room (smaller than my college dorm room) with 10 girls in bunk beds. The other students in my Discipleship Training School are from countries from all over the world... Ireland, Africa, Romania, Ireland, Canada, Australia, etc. It is beautiful to see God bringing together the nations to adore Him and to serve Him; and then to send us out to reach the nations.... It is nothing short of beautiful.
Our schedules during training will be packed full... beginning each day at 6 and not finishing until 9 at night. We have 30 minute breaks for meals. We are spending the days learning about God and deepening our relationship with him... how can we reach these people who have never heard of this great God we serve and this hope that we have, unless we know him on a really deep and personal level, and have had time to nurture our relationship with him. We learn about Intimacy with God, a Biblical Worldview, Missions, Evangelism, Spiritual Warfare, the life of a disciple... and a few more topics; with one central focus each week. We also have times of intercessory prayer for the Nations, times of worship, and of course times of service. How humbled and thankful I am that I get this opportunity to devote time to God and God ALONE, being with Him and learning about him... before I “Go out to make him Known.” This time is  already such a huge blessing for my life, for my walk, and for my ministry. 
We are reading a wonderful book called “Is that You God” about hearing the voice of God. The author writes about something that is so dear to my heart after serving in Guatemala as a missionary... He recalls looking into the eyes of a ragged little girl, who has another child strapped to her back. The little girl who is filthy and living in abject poverty. This little girl reaches out to him, begging for some money. The author speaks about her eyes. I too know those piercing eyes. The look and the ‘call’ that these eyes give to us that change your life from that point forward. I remember the first eyes like these that I looked into in Guatemala.... eyes that pierce your soul. As the child reaches out her hand, those pleading eyes that say she is begging for more than just a coin, but for something far deeper. A child reaching out for comfort, encouragement, for love, hope for the future, The Gospel. 
Here are some eyes that changed my life:

I personally am so thrilled to have this precious time to talk to and listen to God. I am also so thankful to watch the other young people here with me who are here to know God. Sometimes when I sit with people my age in the States, I feel like they seem to be “enclosed in a giant isolations bubble- laughing, having a good time while the world outside is filled with those crowds with outstretched beggars’ hands.”  (Loren Cunningham). 

Today and a few more times this week, we have the opportunity to have a silent retreat to focus on listening to God speak to us directly. I am so excited about this time I have to hear his voice and for the things he is going to speak into me. I would appreciate your prayers for me, that God would speak loudly and clearly to me; that I would have a yielding spirit; for discernment. Please also pray for the other students here as the DTS. I am one of the oldest girls (most of them are here to find their purpose before they head to college). Lastly, for the children here in San Jose who are victims of human and sex trafficking as I talked a little bit about in my last post. 
Grace and Peace!!! 

Who is God for you? 

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