Monday, March 12, 2012

TEAM Video! :) & 2 HUGE works of God!

Here is the link to my Limon team video! We will have another video soon! We made this one quickly so that we could inform our friends and family as soon as possible!  Hope you like it! 

Bible Distribution
"In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, And the Word was God."   John 1:1

 This past Saturday, we as a YWAM base handed out over 1,600 bibles in a town in Costa Rica. We are working with a project that has the objective of placing a bible in every one of the 1.3 million homes in Costa Rica.
We have seen amazing things as we go door to door ministering to people and offering them a free bible. 
This Saturday, our team saw some crazy things.... one of the most radical things was a life-saving encounter. After going to one house and meeting with a lady, she asked the 2 missionaries to go to her sister's house and give her a bible. They followed the woman to the sister's house where they found the girl in a dark room in bed.
Earlier that day, the girl had tried to hang herself and was found dangling by her older sister. The missionaries were able to speak words of truth into this girl, pray for her, and led her as she accepted Christ as her Lord. They then connected her with a local church to help her in this long journey ahead! Praise God! He saves!

It is amazingly powerful to see the word of God change lives. And by going to these people's houses, we are able to watch it happen quickly! 

*The team of women from a local church that went with my group! We try to always include the local churches to try and create unity in the faith!*

Freedom Street Church
'Freedom Street' is the prostitute ministry that I am working with (that I have written about a few times before). On Sunday, we help a church service for the prostitutes in the ministry coffee house. 
This Sunday, two male prostitutes gave their lives to Christ. When one of the male missionaries asked the man, "will we see you in your usual spot this week?", the man replied, "I will never go back there again. My life is forever changed."
It is only through the power and promises of Jesus that these two guys found the strength to get off of the streets. These two guys were victims of exploitation. This process has been a long process to even get to this point... but it's not over yet. These men are still in need of a miracle as they seek (fearing for their safety) to escape from this life of exploitation. 
Please be praying for a miracle. 
But, there are no words to describe the feeling to see two prostitutes who finally find their identity and 'worth' in Christ Jesus. To describe the state of my soul just in knowing that they have turned their lives around. 
These two men who have been abused, exploited, unloved, and lost in some of the world's darkest places; have encountered the life changing light and love of Christ. 

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