Thursday, June 14, 2012

Called to Serve- Slavery is on God's heart

The DTS is over and I will now be working full time with ‘Freedom Street Ministry” and with “Metro Ministry” here at the YWAM San Jose, Costa Rica base. 
Freedom Street ministry in the ministry that I was involved with before outreach. This ministry works with prostitutes, victims of human trafficking and exploitation. As I have sought God's heart over the past few months, my God-given passion for children's justice has grown exponentially. Through talking with the men, women, and children who line the streets at night; I have been able to hear their cry of desperation behind the words they speak. I have seen their need for a savior... and I have felt God's heart break for these victims of slavery. 
     God has been moving in huge ways the past few months with this ministry and I am so excited to see where He will take the ministry next. God has been opening doors for the ministry to be more effective; connections with the government as well as increased interest from the prostitutes with which we work. 
With this ministry, I will be going on the ‘streets’ 3 nights a week to visit with the prostitutes and further develop relationships with them. Through these relationships, we create comfort and trust which opens the doors for them to share if they are indeed victims of exploitation. We can then work to help free these people who are basically slaves, or human trafficking victims. We also have a church service on Sundays where the prostitutes can come and hear about the biggest freedom we have to offer. This church service has truly been amazing. We have already seen men and women make decisions for Jesus and choose to change their lives. This service is an awesome opportunity to sit and share, disciple, and help these men, women, and children.
Last Sunday at this church service, God spoke so strongly about guilt an shame. This was powerful not only for the prostitutes, but also to me. It is so hard to imagine God as someone who takes away all of our guilt and offers us forgiveness; so often we limit him by human standards. 
Another part of this ministry is English classes that we offer to the prostitutes so that they can have skills to help find a new job after they are rescued. Also, on Friday nights we have a prayer vigil in front of the largest brothel in Costa Rica. Prayer is so powerful to break spiritual chains of injustice. Through prayer we can call God’s kingdom to be done here on the Earth. 
This July, Carlos and I will be traveling with Elizabeth (with Freedom Street Ministry) to make a documentary about human trafficking and exploitation. We are praying that this documentary can bring awareness and change to help end slavery. 

Saturday  Night  with Freedom Street- Short story
Driving downtown to deliver coffee to the prostitutes is always a time when my mind is running wild; praying to God and asking for His guidance. On Saturday night before going to the streets, we spent some time in prayer. Carlos prayed that God would just give us His eyes for these people, His heart for them, and His love for them. 
After talking to a couple of prostitutes who are victims of exploitation (brought here unwillingly as slaves), we got back in the car to head to our next stop. On the way, we saw a young girl (probably 17) who was dancing for a man standing on the street. We were stopped at a stop light seeing this girl through the window. My eyes began to water as I heard God say, “imagine how I feel as her father watching her do that”. My heart shattered. 
Later while talking to a beautiful young girl (probably around the same age), I felt God crying over her. This girl who was unwilling sold to be used and abused by men; feeding their lustful cravings. I only have to see these girls while they are on the streets waiting for a ‘client’; God has to be with them in those dark rooms... God is omnipresent; and I’m sure that at some times He wishes He wasn’t...

I’m not a mother yet, so I know that I can only partially begin to imagine what it must feel like to watch a child live through injustices... to go to bed at night knowing that my daughter is being abused and taken advantage of by a grown man... I’m sure one day that thought will hurt even more than it does today. 

Metro Ministry 
METRO ministry is another ministry with which I will be involved. This ministry focuses on reaching children in the ghettos of the city. These children are surrounded by drug trafficking, sexual exploitation, poverty, and gangs (among other things). These children are desperate for a positive role model. We want to offer them the opportunity to KNOW and live for God. While our goal is to reach children, this ministry also ministers to their families through discipleship and home visits. In the 2 communities we visit each week, we are reaching more than 100 kids. We are also in the process of training local churches so that they can began implementing the program around the country to reach even more kids.

Around the base
Another fun thing about living on a base with 30 other missionaries is "family contributions". On the base, we are a family. For me, it is an honor to serve my fellow missionaries in the kitchen or cleaning the base! I have also loved playing with the children at the base... these future leaders in missions bless my life each time I get to spend time with them. 

  • Prayer- Please keep me in your prayers as I follow God into dark and dangerous places. Please pray for safety and wisdom. Pray for my spiritual, physical, and emotional strength! Also for God to open doors for the victims of exploitation as we build trust with them. 
  • Financial needs- I am in need of people who feel called to missions through supporting. Please pray about becoming a monthly missions supporter and help make God's work in this ministry possible. As a YWAM missionary, I am living a 'faith-based/donation based' lifestyle!  There is an easy link to 'donate' through paypal on this blog! 

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