Friday, June 29, 2012

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The past few weeks have been busy but beautiful. God has brought me to this place at the perfect time, and He is beginning to show me more and more some of the desires He has for me through the mission work in Costa Rica. I am involved with many different things here at the base (since there is SO much going on here). It's amazing to be a part of a vision that was truly birthed in the heart of God. 
The ministry with the prostitutes (the ministry in which I am working full-time) has been incredible. God has been preparing hearts; making them ready for a pure, healthy relationship with members on our team... which will hopefully lead to a freeing relationship with the Lord. Most of the women and men with whom we work are victims of exploitation... those who are not victims of human trafficking all have a very dark history. 1 in every 3 children in Costa Rica is a victim of sexual abuse. In this country with costs of glorious beaches and beauty, the deep darkness is often covered or hidden. 
On Tuesday night I went to talk to one of the women to whom I have been ministering to on the streets. She had been waiting to see me. As we talked, she suddenly changed subjects. Through a crackling voice she whispered, “these streets strip you of every bit of dignity”. She continued to pour out as I listened to both her and to the Holy Spirit, hoping he would speak into her life. As I closed my eyes to pray, He took over and spoke directly to her heart. I don’t know this woman’s entire life, but I do know that God has been pursuing her as he does with each of us. There are some nights when I am discouraged and wonder if I’m accomplishing anything ministering to and taking a ‘cup of coffee’ to these people.... and then God reminds me that I am only a part in the long process of His pursuit on their lives. 
‘A cup of coffee’. Can a cup of coffee change a life? I believe so. 

Last week there was an electrical fire at the ministry coffee house where we hold our Freedom Street Sunday church service. This happened on a Saturday night... it was evident that Satan was angry with us. Praise the Lord that we are accomplishing some kingdom work! :) We spent a lot of time cleaning and it is still not finished. But one thing is for sure; the One on our side will always be stronger than the one on the ‘other side’. God has already overcome. And no matter how dark the places are that He calls us to go into; I know that darkness always flees just ahead of the light. 
Two weeks ago I worked with a short term missions team (a youth group) that came down for a week. God did incredible things in them and through them. It was a blessing for me to have the opportunity to share God’s love and his heart for missions with people from my own nation! We went and worked at a girls home for young girls who have babies or who are pregnant. God took me there for a reason. The girls at this home (the youngest one was 10) were almost all victims of rape. Most of them had been raped while being exploited as sex slaves (prostitutes). As I held a 20 day old baby (that was born at just 6 months), I thought of what the mother of that child must feel when she looks at that beautiful baby. Imagine seeing a precious baby that is part of you... but is the fruit of violation and slavery. I so often get to see the brokenness of a life sold into human trafficking.... and this place allowed me to see the restoration that God can bring. Only through God can there be healing. Of course that healing is a long, long process.... but there is healing... 
I’m still praying about what God wants me to do with this new revelation. I am praying that my hearts desires will catch up to His hearts desires. 

                                   TRATA- the documentary 
A week from today my small team will be leaving to film the human trafficking documentary "TRATA". We know that the most powerful way to transform a nation is through media. The versatility of film serves as a powerful means to educate and expose the reality of this huge injustice that is growing not only in Costa Rica but also around the world. 

Our purpose for the film is to show the Costa Rican people these realities that they do not know exist in their neighborhoods, homes and communitities. While the film will have a North American audience, our main audience is the Costa Rican public. 

The film will be produced in both a Spanish and English version. 

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